V_Direct provides Metric's of Retail stores.

Country Heads and Area Managers need information about their business to make decisions. V_Direct provides the Metrics of individual stores (Sale, Walk- In's, etc.) time to time, Store wise, Location and Country wise. This is a handy tool to have in your phone. At any time you can use this app to figure out Store, Location metric’s from time to time. This app provides options to setup Authorization based on Stores/Location for different management levels. This app will have 2 Primary logins, User and Supervisor. User will have access to Store Data Update form, to maintain the Sale/Transactions/Units/Walk-In & Staff on floor. User can maintain the data at regular intervals as defined by the management. Supervisors will have access to Customer Analytics, Store Analytics and Financial Analytics forms, which will provide the metrics of the each store/stores, Location & Country wise. Link to download.